Cannondale CAADX Review

Cyclocross season is upon us! So, I bought a new bike to mark the occasion.


Here are my thoughts so far on my Cannondale CAADX Tiagra.

All riders will find that the more they cycle, the more they begin to know their style, position, likes and dislikes. My old cyclocross bike was just too big for what I had come to learn was my style of riding. I like to be tucked up, low and feel on top of my bike. The more I rode my old bike, the more I came to realise I felt a little stretched out and tight turns were not as easy as I would like. So I went on the hunt for a smaller, more compact frameset, closer in size and fit to my road bike. I liked my original Cannondale and so found myself with a newer version. Also – 46cm frames are not easy to come by – bike manufacturers take note!

I didn’t want to spend lots, and because I commute on the same bike it needed to be ideal for jumping on and off to the office as well as trustworthy on muddy trails and rutted courses. The new Tiagra groupset is great, shifts well and looks tidy. I even took it out on a road ride the other weekend, my winter road bike was in the bike shop and so I jumped on and to my surprise, I did not get dropped. The bike is heavier but for the money, I can’t complain. Off-road, I certainly do not notice.

The paint job is great, however, I do recommend some helicopter tape to protect it. I already have some paint chips from lose gravel and stones, so better to be safe than sorry.


I might look at the wheelset next winter, they are a little on the heavy side but handle well so I am in no rush. My height (160cm) means I need to chop a bit off the seat post, I have it as low as it will go – but I tend to have this problem with most of my bikes!

Being aluminium I am not worried about it. I can chuck it in my car, hose it off, take it down a terrifying descent – and it works, just the way I want it to. I am not precious about it, and that makes it all the more fun!

If you are looking for a nice commuter, that you can go off-road whenever you feel like it, then look no further! Smaller ladies who are looking to get into cyclocross, this bike is perfect! I have recommended this bike to so many of my friends, two of which now also have the Cannondale. There are other versions, the 105 and Ultegra for those who take their racing a little more seriously – which is not me, because I cannot dismount yet without landing in a heap – quite embarrassing!


So there you are – my thoughts about my new bundle of joy.

Evans Cycles are currently selling it for Β£999.99

Do any of you also have this bike? Do you have any tips for me and my lack of dismounting skills? Let me know in the comments below – I love hearing from you πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “Cannondale CAADX Review

  1. Re: aluminium frames. My 20-year-old GT’s frame is unpainted bare aluminium, dating from when that sort of thing was a thing. How come manufacturers don’t do bare metal finishes anymore? I mean don’t they realise there’s a weight-saving to be made..?

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